Essential Baby Care Products

Shopping for essential infant care products is a thrilling phase in the lives of new parents. If it’s your first baby, you will be glad to discover that you can purchase many cute products in the market these days. From clothes and blankets, to socks and diapers, it is definitely fun to buy these items for your upcoming bundle of joy.

For the most part, your preparation as a parent involves learning basic parenting skills and having these baby care items at hand. So what products should you include in your must-buy list as you go shopping? Here are some basic suggestions you should never neglect!

Cotton Balls

You will find plenty of uses for this simple baby care product. For starters, dipping a cotton ball in water is a basic way of cleaning your baby’s skin.

You can also use them for many other purposes.

Baby Oil

The paediatrician will likely encourage you to buy baby oil right away, so you can quickly deal with your baby’s cradle cap. Gently apply some baby oil on your baby’s head by using a cotton ball and you’ll get rid of this flaky problem before it gets any worse. Additionally, cotton ball with baby oil is also effective in terms of cleaning sticky poop.

Baby Wipes

When buying baby wipes, make sure to get something hypoallergenic. Also, look for those that are fragrance and alcohol free. Wipes can be perfect for cleaning your baby when he spits up or poops. They can also be good for quick hand washes. Wipes can be great for home use and travel.

Baby Liquid Bath or Baby Soap

For these infant care products, you have to observe the rule “less is more.” Purchase one that doesn’t contain too much fragrances and additives. Remember that your baby’s skin is still sensitive. Ask your doctor for recommendation in case you’re not sure what to get.

Baby Shampoo

Babies do not always close their eyes when bathing, that’s why gentle tear-free shampoos are necessary.

Anti-Rash Cream

Whether you plan to use cloth or disposal diapers, a good cream is important if you want to help your child avoid rashes. Your paediatrician or midwife will probably recommend a brand if you ask for an idea.

Baby Nail Clippers

You will be surprised at how fast your baby’s nails can grow. Naturally, it is practical to have a dedicated clipper for your little one so you can trim those nails whenever necessary.

Digital Thermometer

Taking your baby’s temperature will be very easy with the help of a digital thermometer. The results are even more accurate than a mercury thermometer and they are guaranteed to be safer to use.

Nasal Aspirator

Your little angel still doesn’t know how to blow his nose. A nasal aspirator can effectively remove mucus and help him breathe better whenever he has colds.

Baby Car Seat

If you travel frequently, a baby car seat will be an indispensable tool. Holding the baby in your arms while riding a moving vehicle is not advisable. A special car seat for an infant can help secure your baby during travel time. Typically, you should get a rear-facing seat.

Baby Monitor

This optional infant care product can be great for you if you often leave your baby in his room when doing some chores. Keep an eye on your newborn by using a baby monitor. Read more here.


Finally, no baby care list is ever complete without mentioning nappies. You have many choices and you can browse different brands, sizes, and prices. Try experimenting and look for a nappy brand that’s most comfortable for your baby.

Paraffin Wax Bath: Arthritis Relief?

Here at, we’ve talked a lot about skin care issues affecting babies and younger children. There’s also been discussion of health issues relating to children of nursery and primary school age.

Today, we’re turning our attention to our readers that are sometimes referred to as the ‘silver surfers’, we’re broadly talking about skin care still, but for pensioners.

Arthritis affects the joints and causes pain when certain parts of the body move. A common area that this occurs is the wrists and fingers – often both together but can be one or the other too.

Typically it’s an older person’s condition, but does occur in younger adults too and rarely even teenagers. Its a bit like moving parts in an engine seizing up, and pain comes from joint’s not having their natural oiling process keeping things moving slowly.

There are two common types of arthritis conditions, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid.


The first type, osteoarthritis, occurs when the joints begin to deteriorate – you can think of this as them breaking down as a result of wearing out. This is why it typically occurs in older age, but if you have an inherent weakness in a given joint (or multiple joints), it can occur at virtually any point in life.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The other really common type is rheumatoid arthritis, which usually causes pain as swelling occurs in the joint. This might be due to friction irritating tissue as the joint moves. Generally speaking, the base cause of rheumatoid arthritis cases is the body attacking itself and causing problems in the joint, called auto immune disease.

Treating Arthritis

Historically, treatment for arthritis is most commonly done with specially designed supports, which are like gloves for the affected area. They work by supporting the joint and therefore helping and encouraging the repair process in the joint. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to get results in less than the few weeks, and usually you’ll need to use them for many months to get lasting results.

Alternative treatments can include painkillers, but unless used for anti inflammatory purposes will not help the underlying cause, but simply treat the pain in the patient to improve the quality of life.

More recently, there has been more research into treatments for arthritis that have previously been used in beauty salons, so might be more associated with pampering that treatments by patients. A great example is using the soothing properties of a paraffin wax bath to warm the joints and reduce pain and swelling in a very non invasive manner. There are some examples at They work very simply by warming wax so melt into a liquid form and placing the affected area into the bath. The warmth is investigated to see if it can reliably improve a patient’s condition, both quickly as a pain relieving treatment and more longer term to work towards a pain free life.

Baby Monitors And Overnight Safety

Keeping your child safe is inevitably going to be one of the highest priorities as a parent, but you can’t watch them twenty four hours a day. Plenty of parents get stressed about making sure that they’re doing absolutely everything possible to keep their little one safe, but the fact is that you really can only do so much before you drive yourself around the bend and bankrupt yourself with every possible product!

A great example is bumpers in cots, which were once considered a safety feature, but now a hazard. They’re designed to cushion the blow if your child falls against the bars of their cot, but there have been freak accidents where children have got caught up in them with sometimes fatal consequences. There’s also been reports of children managing to use them to climb, and falling out of their cots, which as you can imagine is a big drop for such a little person. For that reason, they’ve gone from recommended to warn about to the point where today they’re actively discouraged.

As you can tell from that example, you can only follow today’s best advice from midwives and childcare experts. It may be that in future the advice changes, but if you can honestly say you’ve done your best, that’s as good as it’s ever going to be.

Baby monitors are a godsend for neurotic parents, giving us the chance to watch over our babies as they sleep, and help reassure us before we need to go and get them out of their cot. In fact, recent research suggests that letting your child entertain themselves for a few minutes on their own after waking will pay dividends later, as it’s an early step towards overcoming the separation anxiety that your child naturally has inbuilt in to their brain. Some children don’t start to break that until their first day at nursery or school, and any parent that’s found themselves in that position knows how tough it can be. I should add that you’re going to have the terrifying experience on that first drop off, but your child might do surprisingly well!

Modern products have come a long way over the ones many of us know and love from our own childhood. They’re no longer limited to listening in, although they still do achieve that goal rather well with digital audio channels. The big change is the camera technology is cheap enough to have become a standard feature. There’s actually far more available on the market than you might think, with some well known names like Samsung, as well as some you’ll never have heard of that specialise in great innovative baby monitor features.

Remember that your children fifty years would have much less in the way of safety gadgets and gizmos looking after them, and hundreds of thousands of children safely made it to adulthood around the UK every year. Today’s obsession with health and safety can easily take over and pummel new parents into nervous wrecks. As we said before, we all want to do our best, but not at the expense of our sanity as our children are going to need healthy, balanced parents in later years, and that’s a big ask in itself!