Hertfordshire Nursery Asbestos Work Completed

An interesting and heart-warming story that we thought was worth sharing involved a local nursery benefiting from the generosity of the local community. Tiny Tikes near Beth‘s home found out late last year that they needed urgent asbestos removal work, which threatened to close the nursery.

Of course, you can’t take any risks with your own health around asbestos, let alone that of 35 innocent children that regularly attended.

Fortunately, our local primary school has been kind enough to loan the use of a Portakabin that hadn’t been used for teaching for almost a decade, although it did need a lot of storage space clearing out and a bit of spring cleaning. After ten months out of their long term home, the great news is that the work has now been completed, and they’re enjoying a fresh new look after a complete refurbishment.

Thanks are due in their entirety to the relentless fundraising of an army of volunteers that turned out over the last few months in rain or shine with a huge number of ideas to help raise the thousands of pounds needed to complete the work, not to mention the generous discount the nursery was gifted by the asbestos specialists who recognised the importance of the childcare centre to the community.

Anyone wishing to benefit from the expertise of these specialists can arrange asbestos disposal in Herfordshire here.